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1) Buccaneer Cruiser 2017 4 berth


2) Swift Conqueror 645 2016 4 berth


3) Lunar Delta RS 2015 4 berth


4) Vanmaster 580 SB EW 2013 4 berth


5) Lunar Ultima 640 2016 4 berth


6) Bailey Pegasus Palermo 2016 5 berth


7) Swift Challenger 580 2015 4 berth


was £17,999

8) Lunar Clubman SI 2015 4 berth


9) Lunar Ultima 586 2017 6 berth


10) Sterling Eccles Moonstone SE 2014 4 berth


11) Swift Challenger 480 2016 2 berth


12) Compass Kensington 574 2015 4 berth


13) Venus 590 2017 6 berth


14) Elddis Affinity 540 2014 4 berth


15) Elddis Rambler 15/2 2016 2 berth


was £14,999

16) Elddis Affinity 540 2013 4 berth


17) Bailey Unicorn Cadiz 2012 4 berth


was £13,999

18) Swift Challenger Sport 524 2013 4 berth


was £12,999

19) Bailey Pursuit 430 2016 4 berth


20) Elddis Xplore 504 2012 4 berth


was £10,499

21) Sterling Searcher 2006 4 berth


22) Elddis Avante 362 2010 2 berth


was £8,499

Lunar caravans for sale throughout Chesterfield, Worksop and surrounding areas

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Designed for the ultimate touring enjoyment, whether it’s a trip full of adventure and an activity or simply a relaxing break away, Lunar caravans have been perfected over almost 50 years. we believe that we have a fantastic product with lunar Caravans, whether it’s a 2,4 or a 6 berth there is a model to suit the needs of most of our customers.


TheVenus Rangeis a light weight, modern caravan with its classic lines and sleek interior it is both functional and affordable. There are six models within the Venus range. Models consist of the Venus 460 The smallest in the range and the only two berth in the Venus collection. Next are the four berth models which consist of theVenus 540, Venus 550, Venus 570, and lastly theVenus 590, and the Venus 620 which are both 6 berth models. the Venus 620 is on a twin axle chassis.


TheArivaandQuasarmodels are a firm family favorite, lightweight, modern, comfortable and homely. There are 8 layouts to choose from ranging from 2 berth to 6 berth. Models are theAriva, (which is the smallest caravan within the whole Lunar portfolio). and theQuasar 462, both models are 2 berth. followed by theQuasar 524,Quasar 544,Quasar 554,Quasar 574, and theQuasar674(Twin axle)being four berth. lastly is the Quasar 586the only 6 berth in the Quasar range.


Sophisticated style along with ingenious design theStellar and Lexon offer a new dimension to lightweight luxury.This Caravan is slightly wider than the Quasar based Lunar giving an open and spacious feeling. There are four models in this range starting with the stellarthe smallest caravan in the range and also the only 2 berth. Then you move on to theLexon 540,Lexon 560,Lexon 570, these are all 4 berth and on a single axle.


Is Based on the Lunar Quasar andLexon ranges it is our own Dealer special the Lunar Ultima it now boasts 12 Caravan layouts and is exceptional value for money with a host of extras in over and above the standard models. Lunar have been producing the Ultima for 16 years and we are very proud of its success.(see the brochure under special editions)


The Clubman/Delta range instills indulgent luxury at the heart of your holiday. The Clubman range is built on a single chassis while the Delta range are all on a twin axle chassis. This model quietly rewrites the rules of luxury touring. The Lunar Clubman range consists of the Clubman CK this is a 2 berth. The Lunar Clubman ES, is classed as a three berth, with the Clubman SB, Clubman SE,Clubman SI and the newClubman SRall being 4 berth. Last but by no means least the Lunar Delta has three Caravans in its range all of which are twin axle they are the Delta TI,Delta TS and theDelta RI.


Lunar Alaria front seating

2017 Lunar Alaria interior

New for 2017 is the Alaria it has been created to offer you the up-most in luxury, specification and comfort there are three models to choose from in this stunning range all on a twin axle chassis. the models are the Aleria TI,Aleria TS and the Aleria RI.

For more on Lunar Caravans for sale throughout Chesterfield, Worksop and surrounding areas, call Robinson’s Caravans Chesterfield, Derbyshire 01246 230000 or Robinson’s Caravans Worksop, Nottinghamshire 01909 475220

Lunar caravans for sale throughout Chesterfield, Worksop and surrounding areas

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