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1) Lunar Delta RI 2018 4 berth


Cost New £29,224

2) Bailey Unicorn Segovia 2018 6 berth


Cost New £26,564

3) Elddis Avante 866 2018 6 berth


Cost New £25,366

4) Swift Sprite Super Quattro DB 2018 6 berth


Cost New £22,540

5) Bailey Pegasus Palermo GT 70 2018 5 berth


Cost New £22,164

6) Lunar Ultima 674 2018 4 berth


Cost New £22,473

Swift Caravans Chesterfield, Worksop and surrounding areas



Robinson’s Caravans have sold Swift Caravans for fifty years. unfortunately for the 2017 season we will not be selling 2017 models although we do have a selection of pre-owned models. call our Worksop branch for stock details

Swift Caravans at Worksop (Nottinghamshire)

Swift Ranges are :- Elegance,Challenger Sport, Challenger SE and the Conqueror, Range.

The Elegance is the new flagship caravan within the Swift Range, Built with SMART HT construction.It has an exterior and interior style that exudes quality to make it the definitive touring caravan range.

The seven model line up 480, 530, 564, 570, 580, 630 and the 645 benefits from what is probably the most extensive research and testing programme to bring you a truly 21st century range that uses technologically advanced components and construction methods.

The Challenger sport has eight models starting with the 2 berth Challenger Sport 442 next is the 4 berth range 514, 524, 554, 564, and the 584 the last two Caravans in the Swift Challenger sport range are the 586 and the 640 both sleep 6 people and are built on a twin axle chassis challenger sport models.

The Challenger SE has nine models in its range they are from 2 berth to 6 berth the Challenger SE 480 is the only 2 berth in the Challenger SE range. Next in the Challenger SE range are the 4 berths and they are the 530, 565, 570, and the 580. The Challenger SE 625, 630, 640 and the 645 are all on a twin axle chassis with the 625 and the 630 being 6 berth and the 640 and the 645 being 4 berth.

The Swift Conqueror has just 3 models in the range two of which have fixed beds. The Conqueror 480 is the 2 berth of the conqueror range, with the 570, and the 645 both being four berth.

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