Bailey of Bristol is awarded Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) status

Bailey of Bristol has become the first UK manufacturer to be awarded Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) status for coachbuilt motorhomes.
In order to obtain QVM status, a manufacturer must be able to deliver high quality products which meet Ford’s strict engineering, manufacturing and quality control standards. The company must also prove that their vehicles have followed Ford’s Body and Equipment Mounting (BEMM) guidelines which describes the standard to which the conversion should be carried out.

The scheme encompasses the full range of Ford vehicle conversions and currently includes accredited manufacturers from the Blue Light (Police & Fire), Construction, Delivery and People Transportation sectors.

The QVM accreditation audit undertaken by Ford ensures that Bailey not only meets the required production standards but also offers a comprehensive customer support programme, which includes product performance data analysis, as well as a warranty package comparable with that already provided on the Ford base vehicle. Audits will continue to take place on a regular basis to ensure the necessary standards continue to be maintained.

For more information on the Ford QVM scheme please click here

Introduced in September 2020 the Bailey Adamo is the company’s first Ford-based coachbuilt motorhome. All models are under 7.5 metres in length and have an MPTLM of 3,500kgs or under making them suitable to drive by anyone holding a full UK driving licence, without the need for a B + E entitlement.

These particular motorhomes are built on a Ford Transit ‘Metallic Silver’ cab and chassis platform and are powered by the latest 2.0 litre 160 bhp Euro 6 engine complete with automatic gearbox to deliver the ultimate in driving pleasure. The cabs are fully specified to include a host of features to enhance on-the-road comfort such as air conditioning, cruise control and fully adjustable Captain’s seats with dual arm rests, while the factory-fit Vision Track mirror mounted reversing camera allows drivers to manoeuvre your motorhome with complete confidence.