Bailey strikes double-gold in Practical Caravan Magazine Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020

Bailey of Bristol have proudly secured a double-gold award for both new and pre-owned caravans in the 2020 Practical Caravan Magazine Customer Satisfaction Survey, with an impressive overall satisfaction rating of 82% - accounting for 22% of the total responses in the survey altogether. A 3.3% increase over last years' score, which itself was also 3.3% higher than the year before that, showing just how much their service keeps improving.

Supplementary figures issued also indicated that Bailey had the highest proportion of fault free new caravans in use, putting even more reliance in their quality and stability. A similar story can be found in their second gold award in the pre-owned caravan survey, where Bailey indicated an overall satisfaction rating of 86%, showcasing their incredible longevity.

If you're interested in seeing what a new or pre-owned Bailey caravan could offer you for your escapes, browse their ranges today on our website or by popping in to our showroom. Click here to see the new Bailey range, or click here to see our pre-owned Bailey caravan selection.