Upgrades for Your Adventures with Swift Elegance Caravans offer

We're thrilled to unveil an exclusive offer that's set to redefine your caravanning experience. Starting from August 21st, you have the opportunity to elevate your journey with an incredible deal on Swift Elegance caravans for the years 2023 and 2024. Here's what you need to know:

Upgrade Your Caravan Adventure

Picture this: the open road, stunning vistas, and the perfect blend of comfort and luxury right at your fingertips. With our limited-time offer, you can turn this dream into reality. When you choose any new Swift Elegance caravan from the 2023/24 lineup, you'll have the chance to add a Truma Aventa Compact Plus air conditioning unit for just £1,050*. This offer doesn't just cover the unit itself; it includes fitting and VAT costs too.

Savings That Make a Difference

Now for the icing on the cake. This fantastic deal translates to an incredible £1,200 off the standard retail price of £2,250. Imagine enjoying the pinnacle of comfort and convenience during your caravanning expeditions, all while enjoying substantial savings. It's the epitome of opulence and value, delivered by us.

Expanding Your Choices

But that's not all. This offer extends to a range of Swift Elegance caravans that encompass various models to cater to your unique preferences. Among these is the award-winning Swift Elegance Grande 4-berth touring caravan, starting from £45,795. The Elegance Grande has been meticulously designed to ensure your touring experience is as sumptuously comfortable as it is luxurious.

Discover Unmatched Comfort

The Swift Elegance Grande boasts a suite of premium features, including Alde underfloor heating. This ensures that every aspect of your journey is as cozy as it is elegant. The soft furnishing scheme embodies a perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and sophistication – making each moment spent inside your caravan an experience to cherish.

Get in Touch

We understand that you might have questions or require additional information about this exceptional offer and the array of Swift Elegance caravans it applies to. Our team at Chesterfield is here to assist. Give us a call at 01246 230000, and our experts will gladly provide all the details you need. Your satisfaction and comfort are our priorities, and we're dedicated to ensuring your caravaning adventures are nothing short of extraordinary.

Mark your calendar for August 21st and get ready to embark on a journey of unsurpassed luxury and convenience with our unbeatable Truma Aventa Compact Plus air conditioning unit offer. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your caravanning experience without stretching your budget. We can't wait to serve you and make your travels exceptional.

*Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid only on new Swift Elegance caravan models for 2023/24, including fitting and VAT costs, not to be used in conjunction with other offers. Contact us for complete details.