2.5KG Quest Kontrol Krystals - Refills

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2.5KG Quest Kontrol Krystals - Refills

Combats damp condensation and musty odours.

Ideal for caravans, boats, utility rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes and cupboards.

How They Work:

Kontrol Crystals Anhydrous flakes of calcium chloride CaCI have a high affinity to water and readily attract excess humidity from the air by a simple chemical process.

When used in a moisture trap the krystals begin to coagulate sometimes developing a discoloured crust and eventually after a few weeks and depending oon levels of humidity/dampness liquid will begin to collect in the base of the moisture trap.

Kontrol crystals will continue to function effectively for up to 2-3 months after exposure to the surrounding air.

For optimum results place the moisture trap into areas where there is a damp or moisture problem replacing the krystals when the process is complete.


  • Keeps unwanted moisture and condensation under control
  • Protects against damp musty odours and mildew
  • Ergonomic design perfect for window sills
  • Battery free - works dayu and night

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