C-Tek Mxs 5.0 Battery Charger 12v

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C-Tek Mxs 5.0 Battery Charger 12v

As well as efficient charging and maintenance modes, MXS 5.0 first analyses a battery to find out whether it can accept and retain a charge. If the battery has not been used for a while, it removes harmful lead-sulphate crystals from the battery's plates. Sulphation can 'kill' a battery and so this is a very useful feature if you want to extend your battery's life. 

The equally practical 'recond' mode balances the acid concentration in deep discharged batteries. It features a special cold mode to give optimal charging on cold winter days. 

As with all CTEK chargers, this model can be left connected to the battery for months at a time and there is no need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle while charging. 

Suitable for battery sizes 1.2Ah - 160Ah

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